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Chocolate Fountain Videos

 Chocolate Fountain - Assembly
 Chocolate Fountain - Operation
 Chocolate Fountain - Maintenance

Chocolate Fountain Videos in Spanish

 Chocolate Fountain - Assembly - SP
 Chocolate Fountain - Operation - SP
 Chocolate Fountain - Maintenance - SP

Smoker Videos and Documents

Smoker Videos

 Smoker Cooking Procedures - ENG

 Smoker Cooking Procedures - SP

 Smoker Maintenance and Cleaning Procedures - ENG

 Smoker Maintenance and Cleaning Procedures - SP

Smoker Documents

 Smoker Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist May 2019

 Smoker Cooking Chart April 2019

 Smoker Training Guide (Program Overview) April 2019

 Smoker Training Guide (Operational Procedures) May 2019

  Smoker Troubleshooting Guide April 2019
Taylor Videos:

 Taylor Soft Serve Machine: Introduction
 Taylor Soft Serve Machine: Assembly
 Taylor Soft Serve Machine: Sanitize
 Taylor Soft Serve Machine: Prime
 Taylor Soft Serve Machine: Closing Procedures
 Taylor Soft Serve Machine: Disassembly
 Taylor Soft Serve Machine: For Operators

Pre-Shift Meeting Videos:

 The Art of Pre-Shift Meetings: Introduction
 The Art of Pre-Shift Meetings: Step 1
 The Art of Pre-Shift Meetings: Step 2
 The Art of Pre-Shift Meetings: Step 3
 The Art of Pre-Shift Meetings: Wrap Up

First Advantage Law Logix:

First Advantage LawLogix I-9 E-Verify Steps
First Advantage Onboarding Procedures for New Hires
First Advantage Training Presentation for I-9 E-Verify, WOTC, TX SPD & Youth Permits
First Advantage WOTC, TX SPD & Youth Permits Steps
Instructions for Accessing Individual Manager Email

Adobe Connect Meeting:

Adobe Connect Meeting